Blaine + holding Kurt’s face when they kiss

the social network, 2010 (dir. david fincher)

the internet’s not written in pencil, mark,
it’s written in ink

"That kiss on the head was improv too… for our last take of the night. But I think it feels right."

Shawn Hunter + the hair thing

"Rider’s big thing was that he didn’t like his hair falling in his eyes so I mean, you know, you see it all the time, he’s running his fingers through his hair. I don’t think he knew he was driving every girl in America wild." - Danielle Fishel

Finn & Archie in 2x04.


I have bullshitted my way through almost two decades of life

A detail in David Fincher’s The Social Network many have missed happens right after Mark Zuckerberg tells Eduardo Saverin about his idea for what will eventually become Facebook. Eduardo tells Mark he has been punched by the Phoenix, a final club at Harvard Mark desperately wanted to be a member of. Eduardo senses the awkward and tense air and comments that it was probably due to “a diversity thing”, which Mark dejectedly agrees with. As Eduardo goes back inside, he passes through a door specifically marked “PRIVATE ENTRANCE”, a huge signifier of the dissolution of their friendship to come, due to the jealously Mark feels as Eduardo becomes wrapped up in the exclusivity of the final club that doesn’t give Mark the time of day. Zuckerberg is left alone nursing his wounds while Eduardo heads back in without much of a second thought, and we already see a crack in the mold.